We offer the following products, services and support for Bands from all Metal Bands at Dark, Black, Gothic, Doom, Death Thrash, Power and Metal Core Area.


We bring your album, EP or single to all streaming platforms, plus you get standard promotion and more reach and exposure, all for free. You have no costs and we take care of everything. In return, we receive the income from the streams for our work. You keep your rights and the contract period is 12 months, which can be canceled at any time and all without any setup or subscription fees. Is this an offer for you? Then send us a message to:


We give you the reach you need as a band with targeted promotion, advertising and marketing. We work with many partners from YouTube, Spotify and networks to provide you with a strategy to get the most out of your releases. We get you on the important playlists and create campaigns for you. The prices are individual depending on your needs and which options you choose. Ask us and we will create the right campaign for you at


We create a proper metal sound for your release, no washed out, unrealistic nonsense, no AI crap or anything else. Because that's the way it should sound live, without a bloated sound that has nothing to do with reality. We mix and master the sound the way metal should sound. With 16 tracks, the price starts at 60 euros per song. Mastering is included. There are discounts depending on the album or EP. Just ask at


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